Hoian Laundry Service is dedicated to making your life easier by providing pick up laundry service in Hoi An. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and try our residential wash and fold service that includes pick up and delivery.



Convenient and Saves Time

Our laundry pickup and delivery service is very convenient and easy to use.  Get started and make your request here.

No need to be home – just designate a safe location on your premises and we will comply.

No pick up or delivery charges

We understand that you like things simple, and so do we.  Our per kilogram price includes pickup and delivery of all your items.  No need to worry about extra charges, just one simple per kilogram price.


Once received your laundry will be tagged and processed.  All pockets will be checked, and your laundry will be separated by whites, colors and delicates. If you have items you would like pre-treated, please bag them separately with a note.

Whites – All white items are washed in warm/hot water with detergent, Oxyclean, and softener.  After washing, clothes are given a cool water rinse.

Dark Colors/Delicates -Dark clothing and delicates are washed in cold water with detergent, Oxyclean, and softener.  After washing, clothes are given a cool water rinse.

All items are dried separately in gas dryers on low to medium heat.

Each order is washed separately and tagged throughout the process to ensure your items never mingle with other orders.  Your items will be washed and promptly folded to reduce wrinkling. Your laundry is returned neatly folded and professionally packaged for privacy and protection.

We currently don’t offer dry cleaning so please make sure all your items are machine washable.




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